Saturday, 7 January 2012

In God we trust ?

Dr Franco Debono has now come out clean. Thank the Lord for that. Or rather let’s leave the Lord out of this for a few days or months. On the same day that Malta was given a cardinal we also found out what irks the Nationalist MP turncoat.

Dr Debono is reported to have said that Lawrence Gonzi is only a prime minister not a god. As a truly intelligent, highly observant, diligent lawyer he just wanted to point out the obvious. Gonzi is prime minister—Debono, far from being a backbencher, is God Himself.

All ye atheists, hear Malta’s clarion call: all is forgiven. I’m sure the newly-appointed cardinal will agree that, in this dire crisis of ours, we can do without this god. Franco Debono is one wild fairy tale we surely can do without.


  1. I don't agree. We need more Franco Debono in my opinion. We need more individuals elected to parliament that can stand up for what matters to them...Franco is coming across as brat because he has been left alone in his battle against the elite few...maybe a mountain a bit too high for him to climb at such a tender political age. JPO, Arrigo, Mugliett, and Jean Pierre Farrugia should all be standing next to him and holding him above their shoulder at this stage. But they are way too happy to have a seat to warm up!

    In reality, switching from PN to PL in government amounts to NO CHANGE would just be more of the same with different names and colours.

    It's having the guts to challenge the Powerful Elite and managing to stand up to them that might give us some hope to progress in a truly democratic, liberal and sustainable manner.

    Franco is No God and neither is Lawrence. But the latter stands responsible for 400,000 people not a handful...and the former is right in doing his best to remind him so!

  2. Just Joe: if he didn't like the party or its leader he should have contested alone. and im not even sure he would have accepted himself or his idiocy. the man is a clown--and unfortunately our future depends on him. poor us--and poorer future.

    1. Holy shit this Blog is like Maltarightnow @ Victor Calleja please learn how to write a good article before you write a pile of shit...Thank you

    2. @Demo Christian: Apologies for my rotten style. Maybe you can give lessons in article writing--you sound very capable. I think you are truly demo christian just as much as Dr Debono is consistent